👋 Hello, and welcome to Feed.

Unfortunately, the platform is no longer in operation. After 5 years, we have made the decision to wind the company down, as such it will no longer be possible to set up any campaigns.

Feed made it vastly easier to set up effective ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. There were some unique elements that enabled the level of automation we were able to achieve. From repurposing existing organic content for ads, to A/B testing everything by default, the system was geared towards taking on as much of the burden for you.

An expert media buyer to which you could entrust a budget, outline your objective, and have it go away to set up, run and optimise your ad campaigns.

Myself and Nick worked in the music industry before co-founding the company and we are proud to have served it at every level. From 100s of indie artists, all the way up to the largest major record labels.

To everyone that used Feed, joined the team, gave us feedback, invested or contributed in any way… thank you.

If you'd like to see what the team is up to now, links are below, and if you have any questions please email help@tryfeed.co.

Thank you,

Joshua Jacobson, Founder

Nick Edwards

Joshua Jacobson